Lab Tour

Dear colleague,
our lab is still under construction but we are glad to introduce to you  some already working equipment. Below you can see our main multifunctional display (MFD). Please feel free to push any buttons, activate any radio switches. Be aware that the display can be properly seen on you computer monitor only in full width screen mode and is not operational on mobile gadgets.

All laboratory equipment can be assembled in working blocks on MFD. Say, one should formally determine the object of investigation. The best way to do this is to draw a graphical picture of enterprise, a graph. We have all necessary tools to do it. Just choose working block “Graph” on the left control panel and create any graph you want. All nodes (vertices) and links (edges) can be further edited with the options available on the right panel of MFD, or, if vertices represent physical facilities and edges correspond to routes of transportation, you may start drawing picture of your supply chain facilities network directly on geographical map. Choose then the block “GeoMap”. Some sample data (network file) has been preloaded. You can erase it and  try to add your own data and see how it can be represented in different blocks. Try it! Have fun!