The laboratory is designed for investigation of supply chains (SC) of any type of extended enterprise. It has already some equipment to collect, store and manipulate data, to measure and analyze the system under investigation, in other words, to carry on experiment with the goal to evaluate the effect of SC structure and its parameters ( freight rates, delivery time, etc.) variation on essential integral SC metrics such as total cost, days of supply and performance cycle period.On this site we would focus only on distribution business, in particular, on distribution of so called «boxed» products which can be packed in master cartons, unitized in pallets and/or containers and shipped by four different modes of transportations: by air, sea, road and rail.
The laboratory could be considered as a part of SC information system at the levels of decision analysis and strategic planning, online software tool assisting managers in evaluating and comparing tactical and strategical alternatives to improve enterprise performance and form logistical strategy.